Unwanted rests in cue

I have these rests I can’t get to disappear in the cue:

Screenshot 2022-05-19 at 19.30.22

  • I have checked ‘omit bar rests’ in Notation Options.
  • Note and Rest colors show those rests in grey, so they’re implicit.
  • Hide rests around cue is checked in the Properties Panel.
  • If I try to Remove Rests, they are removed, but the rests on the score disappear, leaving the measure blank.

I have run out of options. Is there anything else I could do?

Thank you

Are you really sure you don’t want to see those rests in the cue? In particular the start of the cue would be quite difficult to place in the bar without some indication of where in the bar it begins.

If I’m guessing right that this is a 7/4 bar, then omitting the rest before the bassoon cue makes the rhythm within the bar unclear. It forces you to calculate backwards to infer it’s 3/8.
Personally, I also dislike omitting the rests of the actual part around a cue, because when not to play is also information essential to the player. But I may be a bit traditional.
(Edit: what Daniel said…)

I agree with the others about the confusion that may be caused.

Are you basically saying that you want a Bsn 1 cue that has no rests around it, and that doesn’t show the rests of the current player?

Ok, I made it more clear now, extending the beginning of the bassoon phrase to the left (which I didn’t need, but it’s ok). I have also unchecked the properties panel so that the proper half-note rest shows before the beginning of the phrase.
Screenshot 2022-05-20 at 16.52.05

Those other three bigger rests above, I don’t need.

I have been successful hiding unwanted rests in all my other cues, for some reason not in this one.

Can you cut down the project to just the affected bars and the required instruments (obviously both the source staff for the cue and its destination) and attach it here so we can take a look?