Unwanted rests in cues

I asked this question in the FB forum but haven’t got to the bottom of the problem. I’ve created a double bass part to use with someone else’s string quartet arrangement of a piano piece.

For some reason, while cues in bars 16, 20 and 22 are working exactly as I hoped (cues occupying part of the bar stop inserting rests where the bass plays), the cue at bar 26 insists on inserting dotted quarter over the bass note. I’ve moved the handle to no avail. The rest incorrectly implies to the player that the violins have stopped playing at that point.

What is the difference between the various instances? Why can’t i delete that dotted quarter rest? I can’t even remove/hide it in Engrave mode.

I’ve attached the file. I know the cues are excessive (ensemble has no conductor, piece is very rubato, limited rehearsal time…) but the question is valid because I expect this will occur in the future and I’d like to remedy it. The file was created just for a bass part - the other parts are only sporadically in there to facillitate generating the cues.
summerland.dorico (416.7 KB)

I’ve not looked at the project file, but for the cue in bar 26 - how long is its duration? Where is its end handle, immediately after the semiquavers or at the end of the bar?

Does shortening the cue (if it ends at the end of the bar) to after the semiquavers and hiding padding rests fix the problem?

Select the cue, and in properties Hide rests around cue

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The handle was at the half-bar. “Hiding rests around the cue” in the properties barfixed it! Thanks Lillie.