Unwanted SC compression of Groove Agent´s track by VST synth

Hi there,
currently I´m working on a mix where I´m experiencing “side-chain-like” compression of an output track (from Groove Agent) with a “clap” sample by a vst synth (Prologue). I have no inserts on the tracks that could casue it, no SC compression, no gate. When the Prologue starts to play it markedly reduces the volume of the GA´s track with the clap sample, especially when Prologue plays higher tones. I don´t understand it at all, but it´s really evident and considerable. Do you have idea what it could be caused by? Is it maybe any natural interference of some mix parts with similar frequencies or anything alike?



Aren’t these tracks sharing the same output (Group)? Isn’t there a compressor on the output channel?

It could indeed be cancellation by similar but out of of phase frequencies. I sometimes see this with a snare sound, it used to drive me mad until I worked out what it was and then the best solution is often just to move one of the sounds ever so slightly…you can’t usually hear anything has moved but the masked frequencies come back. Worth a try I think, just on a single clap to start off?

Definitely not, I checked it carefully. It is probably what planarchist says, though have never heard of anything like that. How do you mean it that “to move one of the sounds ever so slightly”? To move the whole track forward or backward?