Unwanted single bar numbers above multi-rests (Custom Change)

Hi guys,

Please take a look at the attached score:

This is a flow following a main track for use in a recording session. We must leave some ‘empty bars’ before the music begins to allow for a click track count in, and pre-recorded backing audio when recording. As is convention we have these collapsed into multi-rests to make the full score look friendlier!

I cannot seem to find a way to get Dorico to hide the first bar number that is appearing above the multirest? The first bar number is ommited on the ‘main track’ (flow 1), but is appearing on every subsequent flow. I can manually hide them in engrave mode by selecting each and toggling to ‘hide’, but I’m curious if there as an option somewhere to do this automatically that I am missing? If not, could this be a possible tick box feature request please?

Thanks! :smiley: Wes

If you go to Layout Options (press Ctrl/Cmd-Shift-L), click Bar Numbers on the left, select the score layout in the list on the right, and scroll down the page in the middle - is the option “Show first bar number when shown every bar” activated? If it is, does deactivating it remove the extra “50” above the start of the flow?

Edit: ah, with an explicit bar number change, I don’t think that option will change the visibility of the bar number - in that case, hiding them individually might be the only option. You can at least select them all and then activate the property once for all of them.

Hi Lillie! Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. Yes, it is deactivated - alas with the custom bar number change it seems that my little floating 50 is still there regardless… Thanks all the same.

It would be great if there was a way to override the ‘always show’ functionality of a custom bar number change. During our recording sessions we have to have all of the different flows starting sequentially for the Pro Tools session to make sense with the score. Incidentally, if there was something to tick that said “continue bar numbers from previous flow” in Layout Options that would be amazing, as this is what we would always want in every score (and would save me clicking through adding bar number changes everywhere, which is easy to miss/forget…!).

Do you think this could be a viable feature request for a future version?


Hi Wes, I’ve passed this on to the rest of the team - from my own copying work too I’ve encountered plenty of examples of cues not starting at bar number 1, so I personally agree with the use-case! The continuous bar numbers across flows has come up before too I think, so I’m sure they’re aware of it.

Amazing - thanks Lillie, looking forward to seeing in a later version down the line :slight_smile:

(With the usual caveat of “can’t promise if or when” of course, but yes the team know about it)

Understood! Thanks Lillie.