Unwanted stereo reverb in monitor mix/headphones

Even when not connected to a DAW, all by itself my new UR-22C adds stereo reverb to both the headphone output and the main mix. But will not be recorded in DAW.

My old USB interface ( M-Audio) doesn’t do this at all.

I’m recording a track from an old cassette deck and when i hit the stop button i hear reverb. I plug the headphones into the cassette deck, no reverb. I fiddle with the mix/DAW knob on the UR-22C and that doesn’t resolve the stereo reverb in the outputs. I unplug one of the input channels and that doesn’t get rid of the stereo reverb.
Am I missing a secret UR22-c app? There’s no control panel icon in my System Prefs. Even disconnected from a computer on the 5 volt power source everything has reverb on it doesn’t matter if the mix knob is hard pan left or even approaching hard pan right, it’s like a default room. What am i missing?

If you installed the tools for the interface you should have a dspmix app. You can check the reverb sends there.