Unwanted transposition

One of two soprano voices imported as MIDI into Cubase is sounding in the wrong key. I am using the Boy Choir from Symphonic Voices on separate tracks. The top voice is on pitch, but the second track plays back a fourth too high.

In the Key Editor, both voices show the correct pitches, but in the Score editor the second voice shows a fourth too high, as if is a transposing instrument, which it is not.

Is there some setting in Cubase that can have gone wrong? (I admit to being fairly new at Cubase.) The settings in EW Opus are identical for the two voices.

Not at Cubase to give exact terms or locations. But in Score Settings (I think?) you can set the staff to be for a transposing instrument, which sounds like it inadvertently got set. Sorry I can’t be more specific it’s been a few years since I’ve done that - but there is a setting.

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