Unwanted two connected staves

On the last page of this project I would like to put some staves in place to illustrate things about passages in the preceding music. I can’t make a frame that is disassociated from all the preceding music. I thought Unlink might do it, but I guess I don’t understand this all yet. Any hints?

Sorry, I didn’t realize I had already another title for this post.

If you want to retain the same header etc. that you have on the previous pages, then you should be OK to use the page you’ve already got there. If, on the other hand, you want the page furniture to be different, you might want to consider deleting the final page by selecting it in the Pages panel, right-clicking and choosing Remove Page Overrides. If you do remove the overridden page, you’ll then need to add a new page via the Insert Page dialog, not based on any page template.

Once you have the page, you can add layout-specific music frames by dragging them out onto the page. Use the Flows menu in the top left corner to choose which flow should appear in each frame.

You will also find that any extra flows you create to appear as sketches etc. in the final page will also cause extra normal pages to be added after this page. To prevent this from happening, edit the Default page template and, again using the Flows menu in the top left corner, uncheck the sketch flows that you only want to appear on your custom page.

Is there a way to create an example that has no visible resemblance to any existing object? In this situation I am working with trills that can come out looking entirely different from the thing it is replacing. That trill needs to look like Bach’s cello music, but I am working with guitar music here, so some trills have to look different. Along the way I have found significant differences in how folks like Yo-Yo Ma construct their versions of the printed trills. On top of that, I’m writing for the 7-string guitar. It’s kind of crazy, but it sure is fun!

I wonder if I should just go off somewhere in a different project, create the results I want and paste them into a blank graphics page. It’s tacky, but gets the job done, right?

Any additional flows you create can be completely independent from the other flows in your project, in every way (instrumentation, time signature, length, etc.), so it should be possible to add whatever other material you want to add to your project without affecting the music you’ve already written, but if you feel more comfortable making those snippets in another project and then importing them into the present one using graphics, that will work just fine too.

Thank you for pointing that out. Today is devoted to figuring this all out.

Question: Right now I’m looking at “Players, Layouts, and Flows” in Dorico Help. Why do I see no checkboxes in the Flows?

Comment: I think I see an opportunity here to reduce the size of the notes in some places. When I my read my charts from a 10"x6" tablet, I am restricted to two pages and prefer one page when possible. You can see that the Gigue is a bit crowded because I think that I can’t reduce the size of the notes. Does today’s news from you imply that I can now have different note sizes in my projects?

You can’t see any checkboxes in the Flows panel, because those checkboxes appear when either a layout or player is selected in one of the other two panels, because the checkboxes correspond to how things in the other two panels relate to the thing you’ve selected in the third panel (in any combination). You’ve hidden the left and right panels.

Staff size is set for the layout overall, but you can then override that from specific system/frame breaks.

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