Unwanted whole rests showing-up?

I’ve been having issues for some time without having posted here. But when doing complex piano music and using multiple voices on the same staff, I sometimes have whole-rests pop-up from nowhere!

I just force added a bar-rest in a measure towards the ends of a 330 bar piece. That then made whole-rests start showing up in the same staff, but much earlier-on in the piece.

Is this a know issue? Anything I should know that maybe I don’t?

Many thanks

Turn Voice Colours on (from the View menu). The chances are that you’re inadvertently typing single voice material into a voice that isn’t your primary voice (which is typically but not necessarily Upstem Voice 1, and can change throughout a flow). It’s easy enough to switch the existing material to the correct voice, or to use Edit > Remove Rests.

Thanks for that ! I’m turning-on voice colors.

I’m still puzzled why adding other voice in a given measure would make these bar rests show up in other parts of the piece?

It depends on what other settings you have in Notation Options. Depending on the options you have set in there for bar rests in secondary voices, you may well find that adding a note later in the flow causes bar rests in the intervening bars since you last used that voice will appear.

Many thanks Daniel !

Well, I had check to omit other rests. I was adding voices not always paying attention to what number that was. But whole rests are really appearing out of the blue !!

If you have a particular problem that you’d like us to look into, please attach the project.