Unwelcome addition in Dorico 5

I’m seeing the following below when I try to assign ‘Staccato’ as a direction type playing technique. And yes, I did define the word ‘staccato’ as a direction type rather than attribute because I wanted to be able to assign it to a range of notes when I want to use ‘sim.’ instead of tons of needless dots. I’m assuming that the actual dot is internally defined as an attribute by default. So, I thought this would work, and it does but I’m seeing all of the undesired tags of ‘staccato’ over every single note. This was not happening in Dorico 4 and was the way I wanted it to work.

You can barely see the ‘sim.’ marking, although when printed it would be clear because the ‘staccato’ designation is hidden.

Please tell me how I can go back to the way it was working in Dorico 4.

When you set up your Playing Technique etc, did you create a new one from scratch or did you duplicate an existing one and modify?

I just tried duplicating and modifying “pizz.” and it works as you expect. For some stupid reason I didn’t test if it sounded correct but it definitely didn’t have needless amounts of signposts/dots etc.

Perhaps you could upload your project, or a snippet, so that we can check it out.

The change in Dorico 5 was to do with how playing techniques are input to a selection of multiple notes: playing techniques whose playback technique is an Attribute get input at every selected note. Playing techniques whose playback technique is a Direction get input once, with duration spanning the selected range.

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In theory, all you should need to do is set the Staccato playback technique to use the Direction type rather than the Attribute type, and then you should find that when you create a playing technique over a range of notes, you get a single playing technique that lasts the selecte duration, rather than one at every position.

However, due to a small bug in the code, it turns out that this will only work if you save the change to the playback technique as default by clicking the little star button in the Playback Techniques dialog. This shouldn’t be required, and we’ll fix this bug as soon as possible.


Thank you, Daniel!