Unwittingly back to 7.2

I have been using Nuendo 7.3.5 pretty much since that version came out on a PC running Windows 10 Pro 64 bit.

This morning it started loading all of the plug-ins one by one and i look and it says my version is 7.2.

I downloaded the Nuendo 7.3.5 update and when I started going through the install process it says that 7.3.5 is already installed. When i go to “help” inside of Nuendo it says that i’m using 7.2.

I thought of re-installing but don’t want to lose my settings.

Can anyone provide some levity?

Has anything changed within your setup ? The plugin loading queue could be an indication of an incompatible version.
Are there other messages popping up ?
BTW…current latest Nuendo version # is 7.1.35 :confused:

No, none of that.

Just one day it was back to the older version.