Up bow / Sull'arco or Down bow/ Giù arco symbol location?

Hello ! I cannot locate in the WRITE section the 2 symbols for either Up bow / Sull’arco or Down bow/ Giù arco. They may not exist (yet) ? Thank you very much.

They’re playing techniques. Check the playing technique panel in the right side in Write mode.

You can also use the jump bar to input them.

Also, this was one of the first results when I googled “Dorico upbow”:

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Hmmm… thank you very much. Unfortunately I couldn’t find the names in the Jump bar (i.e. Up bow or down bow was not populated in the list of things available). I guess I’ll skip that notation for now…

It’s one word, not two. Upbow and downbow.

No luck either using one word :slight_smile:

Have you read the link I posted to the manual?

Did you try using the Shift-P popover instead of the jump bar? The jump bar doesn’t work for me either, maybe because I assigned my own identifiers to these playing techniques (the nice and short Dutch words op and af).

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SHIFT - P !!! YES !!! It works great - Oh thank you so much now I can display the notations I wanted to. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

If it may help, the correct Italian definitions are “arco in su” and “arco in giù”. Sometimes, the “in” preposition is omitted, if there isn’t enough space.



Thank you very much Paolo.

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