Up/down cursor in info line

Is it a bug or is it a developper willing ?
This feature is gone since C9…

Once upon a while… Nuendo had an easy feature. One single click on clip gain in info line, typing up or down arrow in info line then and we could quickly change clip gain by step of 1dB. Simple, fast and easy.

Single click has been replaced by double click on both Ndo/Cub then, ok, but it works too.

Now on Cubase 9 this feature doesn’t work anymore. We have to enter a value. What’s weird is that it still works in key editor. You can still change any value, velocity, note etc by double clicking and typing cursor key.

I used this quick feature many times every day. Why is it gone ?

Please bring it back !

I’m back to this topic, once again, as time goes by…

Let’s have a tempo track, displayed on main project window.

1- Open the Tempo Track Editor (Ctrl+T)
2- Select the starting tempo point (or any other if there are)
3- Double-click on tempo ‘Value’ in upper info line
4- Type up or down arrow on your keyboard.

–> Result: the tempo value increases (up arrow) or decreases (down arrow) by step of 1bpm.

Now close the Tempo Track Editor and go to the tempo track displayed in project window.

1- Select the starting tempo point
2- Double-click on tempo ‘Value’ in upper project window’s info line
3- Same as before, type up or down arrow.

–> Result: cursor goes to value typing.

I choosed the tempo track for a quick understanding but it can be done with with any other window. You can get the same with a midi editor window, velocity value i.e. The up/down value works everywhere except in the main project window…

This is anything but a coherent and unified behaviour. I still can’t understand why this feature disappeared since C9 as it still works in N7 (didn’t check on N8 yet). I’ve been hoping it should be fixed one day. C9 has been released for 3 years now!!!

I Just hover over the value and use the wheel on the mouse.
1 click and i can drag a value.

Thats the way I do it.

Yes, that I know… I use the shortcut instead (don’t use mouse here, tablet/stylus).

What I point here is, it’s unconsistent regarding the interface. And it’s a feature which suddenly disappeared. And it was an easier, faster and more precise way than dragging the value… So why is it gone, and on the project window only, looks like a programmer fail. Same thing since N8, gone.

I see your point. I think majority use the mouse wheel or wheel step. So it goes under the radar.
Half off it works with select and up/down key. The other half is mouse wheel only or select. So it looks more like something slip away or got altered by added functions.

Yes that’s exactly what I think… It’s boring and not logical at all on programmer side :-/

Yes. When ever you happen to be in the minority of users, It takes ages for Steinberg to address the issue.

But just like I use Bome Midi Translator to overcome the Out of date Generic Remote. You can probly just use a 3d party program and hotkey the mouse wheel in to your keyboard. Should smooth things out for you, until there is a proper fix inplace.