Up-mixing up-juiced ..

Hi folks…
I just got this link on my desk.
A new thing from Iosono worth looking at, especially for surround workers.
Nice features one can really use ! Full & Essential versions. Introduction offer = 50% off.
Watch the clip…


Got it, as I write… but I am not in Studio to test it, right away. Will check it out next week.

Cheers, Big K

It’s a great plugin.


It is indeed.
It’s not as great as the full IOSONO SAW panner that integrates into the system, butit is still very good, and easy to use.
One caveat with the panner plugin though - rotation will only go through 360 degrees in -ive and +ive directions, but once you have gone through 360 you are stuck there and can only go backwards.
So anyone wanting to do a Flaming Lips “Yoshimi” type rotation will be better off with the stock v5 panner, which has endless rotation.