upbeat and last bar...

First: Congratulations to your new program!

I bought it and I’m waiting for my mail (boxed version) the next days…

But a question:

In your evening-show yesterday you made an up-bar of 1/4 in a 3/4 music-example.
But: the last bar was also 3/4… thats wrong, it has to be the remaining
time of 2/4… How can I achieve this in Dorico?
In Sibelius it is also not automatic…

Thanks for a short answer!


Actually, in the Chopin prelude, the final bar (at least in some editions) is shown as a 3/4 bar with a crotchet rest at the end.

But you can easily achieve the 2/4 bar at the end in Dorico: simply select the rest at the end of the last 3/4 bar, type Shift+B to show the bars and barlines popover, create a final barline by typing “|]” or “final”, then choose Write > Trim Flow.

Thank you, Daniel, for your quick answer!

I looked in the meantime also in some Music-Scores (z.B, Bärenreiter-Bach, h-moll-Messe):
There is also no last shortened bar… I learned it earlier (very early… :slight_smile:), that it should be
shortened, but nowadays it seems not to be done, I think ,I’m too old… :slight_smile: