Upcoming Cubase 11.5; A suggestion to all

As we await the next version of Cubase it is a good time to remind everyone (especially the new users) that the they “don’t always get it right at first”. So remember, if you choose to download and use Cubase 11.5 in the first two weeks you are taking some risks and are effectively acting as a “Public Beta Tester”. The rest of us will appreciate you if you take this role on. However, before you do you should consider the risks and whether you want to spend the time.

Cubase is a great program and the programmers seem 1st class. However, there are so many variations of computers, interfaces and VSTs; it is not hard to see that things could go wrong. I have found that 1 or 2 weeks is all it takes for things to settle down. Over the years most of my upgrades have been painless and every one has been well worth the money.



Couldn’t agree more. Well said. Unfortunately this is true.

While Steinberg is selling it as final version and we pay for it is your right to think like this but don’t ask others to do so.

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If you plan to buy it you can do that right away or wait to next summer to get it a lower cost.
For sure they usually have some nasty bugs, so what ever you do not let it overwrite your old installation. Make a copy before update!

I’m diving straight in like frontline infantry. new Windows 11, new Cubase 11.5, new intel LG1700 with new intel big.little cores.

Steinberg has their hands full IMO, has to optimize for M1X (I think this is why they dropping elicenser, because the elicenser company is the reason software isnt on m1x yet)
new windows OS, new intel core structure lol

… I just started using 11, an am only testing it now. And I bought it on release, no need to rush into it though.

you should change the title to

“11.5 is coming…please dont forget to backup”

Do we have a release date yet?

No need to do this. Installation of major versions of Cubase (x.0 and x.5) are always entirely separate installations and do not overwrite or remove the previous installation. Of course regular OS level backups are still a wise move.


I bet the 17th of this month

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Sounds like the typical software development cycle. Have you ever used Microsoft Windows? Common knowledge.

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“you should consider the risks and whether you want to spend the time.”

Nah,I’m always update/upgrade at the early moment and never have had any problem.

Rarely if ever have problems either here. (Though don’t want to tempt fate​:crazy_face::face_with_monocle::wink:)