Upcoming filtering function


in the recently posted video with the preview of v 1.1, there is a moment when you can see the filter menu. Two questions.

  1. Will there be shortcuts?
  2. Will articulations be included in the filter items list?


At 10:34 in the video, John displays the shortcut editor. Among other new items, you can clearly see “Filter”. So it seems to be the case that shortcuts are assignable.
At 26:14, you can see what seems to be the filtering options. Articulations are not on the list, but then again - you can change multiple articulations by selecting everything and assign or remove the articulation in question, so you wouldn’t need a filter for that.

There are no default shortcuts for items in the Edit > Filter menu, but it is certainly possible to define some of your own.

You cannot filter articulations independently of notes at the moment. This is awkward to achieve because articulations are properties of notes and cannot be copied independently, so they would need a separate mechanism.

Good to hear about the shortcut possibilities. A pity though that the articulations will not be included in the filter. It is very useful to be able to copy a whole pattern of articulations and slurs at the same time, in one step only. We all have different workflows, but this is something that I do all the time when I work in Finale. There you even have the Smart Find and Paint function that applies the slur-articulation pattern from a specified source motif to all similar motifs in the selection. When working with Sibelius the need to resort to a plug-in to copy articulations really stops the flow.

So this is really something I would like to propose: create that separate mechanism to make the articulations copyable and filterable.

Yes, of course I know that there is utility in copying and pasting articulations, and I certainly wouldn’t rule it out, but it’s not something we will do in this upcoming update.