[Update 2] Public beta for Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver for macOS

Hello everyone,

UPDATE - January 26, 2024
V4.0.2b to 4.0.3b
Now supports Steinberg UR-C V3.0 and the IXO12/IXO22 series.*

Since Apple has already declared that the Kernel Extension will be discontinued in future macOS, we decided to release a public beta of the Yamaha Steinberg USB driver.

The Version V4.0.3b is available only on the Steinberg forum exclusively.
This new driver uses the Driver Extension (System Extension) and not the older Kernel Extension solution anymore. It will prevent that the “Legacy System Extension” warning message appears.

Supported OS: macOS 13 and macOS 14
Supported Platform: Apple silicon (no Intel CPU support)
Supported Models:

It is no longer necessary to change security settings from recovery mode when installing drivers on a Mac with Apple silicon but allowing the driver in “Security & Privacy” is still required.

Please find here the link to the driver, the installation guide and the release notes.


Installation Guide

Release Notes

Please be aware that installing this driver is for technical evaluation only and the installation is the responsibility of the customer.

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For some time now I’ve been getting a message in my Mac Studio about the steinberg driver being obsolete, I just installed the beta, so far so good! At some point the official version will be released?

We have just released a new beta driver which now supports all UR/URC/AXR4U devices. Based on the feedback, we will release an official driver later (no exact date is available yet, sorry).

@Ed_Doll this version right?

Yes, V4.0.2b is the current one.

I have 13.5.2 on my new Mini M2 Pro and the tools can’t find the hardware, though it’s showing up in Settings-Sound. I am not using the Beta - will it fix this? How about an actual tested and blessed (non-Beta) release at this point?

Thanks. This works on my Macbook Pro 16" M1 running Ventura. I’ll not upgrade to Sonoma OS unless a green light is given with this driver or a replacement driver is created.

I have noticed a random crackling noise in my recordings. This would be on the Macbook Pro 16" M1 running Ventura. I also run the UR44 on a Macbook Pro 15" Intel with no problems. I suspect I may have a faulty USB-A to USB-C connector that might be introducing noise? I might try to purchase another adapter to see if that solves the crackling otherwise I will just keep using my Intel Macbook Pro 15" for the UR44 recordings.

I have a UR44C and on my MacBook Pro I recently upgraded the OS to Somoma (without realizing the the implications). Immediately upon reboot there was a message that the drivers no longer work.

When I tried to install this beta the OS stated it was not supported…




I just paid for and installed Cubase 13 Pro and now my mobile UR22mkII audio interface will no longer work. I updated the firmware but there is no newer driver than the YSUSB_V402b_Mac driver.

Just out of morbid curiosity, why the f*ck is this driver not available via the standard Steinberg driver download page? Is Steinberg intentionally making it more difficult, near impossible to use the products I have paid for?

F*ck you Steinberg and your abysmal product support. You are the absolute worst. I am switching to Presonus Studio One Pro because at least that company makes regular valuable improvements to its flagship DAW and doesn’t just phone-in more useless FX plugins and call that an update.

I have never been so disappointed in a software developer. Steinberg can rot in hell. AND I will say this on every music forum on the planet you pieces of shite.

So 8 months later and we have 2 drivers for the UR. This one and the official one.
Why not just one?
Which is the preferred one? does it really take almost a year just to update a driver?

Message deleted…

I have no issues with either drivers on my MBP with Sonoma, i just find it confusing with them having two drivers out.

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Hello, guys! I have the M2 and the latest Sonoma version, as well as the Steinberg AXR4U. Unfortunately, it’s not working anymore after upgrading to 3.1.4 or 3.1.6, and the beta version is not found in the AudioMIDI. Thank you.

Any Suggestion?

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Hi, I have installed everything for Version 3 including the
Driver Beta version, and I do not see the 3 drivers in the sound menu, what am I missing? I already restarted the computer and nothing, Mac Studio Sonoma

Then Uninstall the driver version V4.0.3b and reinstall the TOOLS for URC driver and the 3 drivers appear, what happened? What is the beta version for then?