Update (4Gigs) VS FULL (9Gigs) Cubase 8 Install

I just saw this morning in mySteinberg/download page that the full install for C8 was 9 Gigs and the one I used when i installed C8 was the update at 4 Gigs so my question is … am i missing out on some stuff ?

I did have Cubase 7.5 already installed

Don’t get me wrong I’m not trying to fix something that’s not broken but the little nerd inside me want to make sure to get all is toys for christmas … lol

Merry christmas and happy new years !

The 4 GB version is the ‘upgrade’ version (already have a previous version of Cubase installed).

The 9 GB version is the ‘full’ install for installing the complete version of Cubase (with no previous version of Cubase installed)>

Hope this helped.

Thanks for the quick reply but i know the difference between a full install and a update and reading my question back I realize that I was not really clear … sorry for that . It’s more about the content like tiny little update on some of the samples, patches, preset and thing’s like that.

It look like I was looking for a reason to use the 9G file I just downloaded and not having time to visit the in-laws LOL

thanks again for the reply and have a nice weekend