Update 5.0.0 fresh install crash

Hi !
I just install on the new home studio PC my cubase Studio 5.
The version on the DVD is the 5.0.0. When i want to upgrade this one in 5.1.1 it starts to uncompress files and the window disappear, no information in the event viewer of windows.
I have Windows 7 64bits, and the installed version of cubase is the 32bits.
Can it be a license problem ?? because I cant activate my cubase studio because i already activate it last year…
Thanks for your help !


Are you installing as Admin?

Yes, Installed as Admin and try to update as Admin…
Do i have to have an activated Cubase before install the update ?

Cubase only needs activation once with USB eLicenser. Try downloading again, it could be corrupt. Make sure you grab the correct version.

Thanks for the reply, I already try to download again the update, no changes !
always the same problem…