update 8.0.30 Build 536 (64 bit)

after updating Cubase Pro 8 to 8.0.30 I noticed that my previous projects saved before the update are till loading in the version 8.0.20 when I double click on the project file name (.cpr). Is that the way it should be? If I open the the new cubase 8.0.30 version first via the .exe file the “older” projects are loading in 8.0.30.

Assuming you are running a Windows PC…

Right click on the .cpr file and choose “Open with”. See what it lists there. Maybe you can change it.

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If you really update, you shouldn’t have Cubase 8.0.20 anymore. This version should be updated to the 8.0.30 version. Where can you see, the 8.0.20 opens, please? Could you send a screenshot, please?

very valid point Martin. sounds very bizarre to me.

only major version increments (C7, then C7.5, then C8) keep the previous installation. all the minor updates over-write. so how he could have 8.0.20 and 8.0.30 on the same system is very unlikely…

projects are saved with the version info…open it and resave it

if I choose “open with” I can see 2 Cubase entries, one is 8.0.20 and the other is 8.0.30, but they are not named differently. Is that the way it should be? I can only see which one is one by opening the file. It actually does not bother me, but it seemes a bit strange, or? I’ve enclosed a Screenshot (PC running win7prof).
Txs for the support!

No it definitely should not be like that.

In windows control panel\programs and features is Cubase also listed twice?

Are you sure one versions isn’t 32bit ?

This is good point. In fact, I would say both of them are 32-bit. There is a “64-bit” in the name, if it’s 64-bit Cubase on Windows; isn’t it? But even then you shouldn’t be able to use 64-bit updater on 32-bit Cubase or vice versa. But it makes sense to check it.

Both versions are 64 bit and the programmes are not listet twice anywhere else. On my desktop is the original cubase .exe link, which is named Cubase 8 64bit. I have Cubase not running on the C Drive, but on the D and I noticed there’s a Steinberg Folder in C with “ASIO” and “VSTPLUGINS”

This made the error, I would say.

Maybe this might be helpful for anyone running Cubase not on the -C- drive (e.g. -D-):

I found out that after updating to Cubase Pro 8.5.20 its essential to have the original Cubase Pro Installation CD ROM in the Drive while updating. Otherwise the to be updated Cubase will not be found and a (second) new Cubase version will be installed on the -C- Drive.

So any update needs to be run through the intallation CD if Cubase is installed on any other drive than -C- which works perfectly fine.


If you don’t have original DVDs, then it’s probably enough to mount the Full Installer disk.