Update 9.5.30 not extracting

I had a similar issue with the full installation.
When I downloaded using the Assistant the zip file would not extract.
I needed to extract on another machine and transfer it back.
This time the update is an exe file and does the extraction and the installation at the same time.
Don’t know how to get around this unless same thing happened to someone else and they can help.

Tried to download the Update Installer - not sure how this works.
I am not being prompted to the path for the update exe that I downloaded.
Can someone describe how they upgraded from 9.5.0 to 9.5.3?
As I stated in the previous post, running the actual update file does not work on my system so I am trying to do it another way.
Im sure it’s user error but getting frustrated.

Surely someone can just verify how they installed the maintenance update?

.net framework 7.2.xx update did the trick.