update 9.5 pro from 8.5 pro not possible

I have buy update for cubase pro 9.5 from 8.5 , i can’t install becouse , in steinberg download assistant , there is no cubase pro 9.5 update from pro 8.5?
only cubase update pro 9.5 from cubase pro 9 is displayed cubase Somebody help please?


There should be the full installer in any case. There are no upgrade installers (in general with Steinberg), always just a full one.


I have paid, and download this upgrade file file from the Steinberg website???


You can download Cubase 9.5 Full Installer here:

Thx to all for the help, problem solved, the refund my update and i have purchase a new one

I bought updates and can not register? What to do?


Could you be more specific, please? Do you mean register or activate? What message exactly do you see?


Im having the same problem… I bought an update from 8 to 9.5, however Steinberg download assistant does not have an option to download the update from 8 to 9.5

Someone please help!!


Can you download the Full Installer?

The update installer is ONLY for people upgrading from Cubase 9 to Cubase 9.5.

Everyone else NEEDS to download the full installer to ensure that they have the latest versions of all content.