Update bought to Cubase 5 NOT Cubase Studio 5

I own Cubase STUDIO 5. I purchased the update to 10 Pro from Cubase 5 - not Studio version. I must have been so excited about the anniversary discount that I somehow oversaw the STUDIO version issue. For now I am stranded with the upgrade from just the version 5 not Studio one. Besides the fact that I am a total idiot :slight_smile: who cannot read apparently I would appreciate some advice on how to upgrade my Cubasee Studio 5 into 10 PRO with my Cubase 10 Pro upgrade licnense. (downloaded already)

I miss the direct support link with such problems, where I could post my activation code details and the purchase proof.

I could not find similar problem in FAQs when idiots like myself make similar mistakes.

Would appreciate your help.


If you own Cubase Studio 5 and you bought upgrade from Cubase 5, you cannot activate this upgrade. You will get a message, there is no license you can upgrade from.

The only one way is to contact AskNet to refund your wrong update and buy the correct one. Iā€™m sorry.