Update/change time signature for one bar

Hi all,
I’m aware of the forum rule to look for solutions first before posting and did find one post but it didn’t help me so forgive me pls.
Basically I’ only changing time signature in one bar from 7/8 to 11/8. I wonder why is Dorico allowing me to change TS without giving me additional rests in that bar? So now TS says 11/8 but notes reflect 7/8 and it isn’t allowing me to add more notes. I tried Insert function but to no avail.

I’m convinced I’m doing something wrong and want Dorico to follow my logic. :slight_smile:

Any suggestions welcome.

Dorico will only change the lengths of bars up to the next existing time signature. It sounds like you have a time signature at the start of the next bar. Before you add the 11/8 time signature, turn on Insert mode by typing I.

Much appreciated dear friend. I used Insert function improperly. :slight_smile:

I had exactly the same problem, thank you Pianoleo!