update cubase ai 9 to 9.5?

is it possible to do this? id like to have the 64bit engine and iam running AI 9 on my notebook.

The option to upgrade from AI to Pro is listed here. Cost is $449.99


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I think you would have to upgrade to Cubase Elements 9.5.
As far as I’m aware there is no way to update AI aside from the free maintenance updates…there is only the upgrade path to paid versions.

I see in my account there is an option to upgrade to AI 9.5 from 9

but much more expensive than previous upgrade (£7 ?) - its offering it me for £25

but that is vs upgrade to Elements 9.5 which is offered for £40 ?

I’m guessing latter is better value ?


There seems to be something wrong with the offer. Of course, it’s Friday so we won’t most likely be able to fix this until Monday. It should still be 9,99 Euros (or around 7 GBP).
The “buy now” button does not display the reduced price but the voucher code needed is at the bottom of the page. Copy it, click on “buy now” and redeem the code on the shop page. That should do the trick as a workaround. Sorry for that!

I brought the update voucher to upgrade from Cubase AI 8.0.40 to Cubase AI 9.5 which I am currently downloading now. So I haven’t seen the contents of the download and they maybe instructions included.

But my Question is… Do I need to uninstall 8.0.40 prior to installing 9.5? or does the exe looking for previous version and then upgrades from there?

You’ll have Cubase AI 8 and AI 9.5 on the system if you don’t delete the older one. That’s perfectly fine just in case you need to work with both. Otherwise, just uninstall/delete AI 8.

thanks for your reply Ed,

ill uninstall AI 8, even though i’ve have it on my system for quite a while I have rarely used it. just been using my UR44 with my ipad and Cubasis, which I feel I have started to grow out of. been playing with AI 8 for the last couple of days when the upgrade deal. anyways much more powerful than Cubasis although will still be handy for laying ideas down when im away from the home studio.