update cubase elements difference?


A few weeks ago i bougt the UR-22 interface and installed the included cubase 8 elements AI LE.
Now i just updated to Cubase Elements 8, for 49,99 €.
I downloaded the software update but the update didnt really install anything because according to the installer everything was already there and installed, strange.
So i click my cubase icon (wich is still called Cubase LE AI Elements 8 64bit) and the program is exactly the same to me as before.
So my question is : whats exactly the difference of the cubase 8 AI LE elements i had before, and the update i did to Cubase Elements 8?


Hi and welcome,

Cubase AI, LE and Elements shares the same installation (and also application, in fact). So you have one application only and regarding to your license, certain functions are locked (or hidden) or available (and shown). So you really don’t need to install Cubase Elements, once you have Cubase AI installed.

One of the difference is, Cubase AI has only 4 Insert slots. Cubase Elements has 8 Insert slots. There are no MIDI Insert in Cubase AI, there are MIDI Inserts in Cubase Elements (if I’m right). …For example.

Midi inserts are not included apparently, wich i find a bit strange : They include Groove agent se4, but You cant create drum patterns like with beat designer, wich is a midi insert apparently.
Is there any way to create drum patterns withins elements, i cant seem to find any drum pattern maker within It?


Oh, you are right, sorry. MIDI Inserts are not in Elements.

You can create a drum pattern in the Key Editor.

The drum editor is also available in Cubase Elements.

If it the drum editor you are trying to open then first you have to select the ‘GM Map’ or other drum map in the ‘Inspector’ window down the left side of the screen. This drum editor is available in Elements and I suspect in every version of Cubase. If you don’t change this to a drum map then it automatically will open the key editor.

Or are you referring to a different drum editor?

You should be able able to open the Drume Editor even if there is no Drum Map selected, from the MIDI menu. At least, in Cubase Pro it’s possible.

Yes Martin, of course you should be able to open the drum editor this way :blush: I forgot about the midi menu I am just so used to double clicking the midi part I want to edit and never use that menu. Thanks for reminding me of that. :sunglasses:

thx for the replies , i will try it out at once when i get home from work tonight! :wink: