Update Cubase + Windows


I have Cubase 7 pro on Windows 7, so they both need an update…

Question is, which one should I update first? As far as I understand, the latest version of Cubase does not run on Windows 7. However, if I update Windows first, will I be able to update Cubase to the latest version (as Cubase 7 may not run anymore on Windows 10)?



Hi @Emw_Vos and welcome to the board.

You do not need to run Cubase in order to update or upgrade it.
Besides, Cubase 7 should be able to work on Windows 10.

So update Windows, then upgrade Cubase to the current version.

That’s exactly what I needed to know, thanks @Maestro !

Sorry to bother again… I just heard from our computer store that they didn’t manage to upgrade my PC from Windows 7 > 10. There is some error. So they advice a clean install of Windows 10.

However, this raises a - more or less - comparable question:

Many years ago, I started with Cubase LE, then I bought an upgrade to Essentials 4, and then an upgrade to Cubase 7. Does that mean that I will have to start from scratch by installing (the ancient) Cubase LE first (and follow the upgrade path through)? And will that work on Windows 10?



No need to start all over again.
If you have the license for Cubase 7, just download Cubase 7.0.5 complete, install and then update to version 7.0.7.

You can download Cubase 7 install files here:
Cubase 7 Updates and Downloads | Steinberg

That certainly sounds a lot easier! Thanks again @Maestro !