Update disaster

i had 6.0 default running just fine on osx. in 64bit everything running, bfd2, play ewql, battery, omnisphere, predator, kontakt…

did the update, only omnisphere and kontakt4 now… oh maaaaaan…:frowning:

no hope with bfd, but with other instruments the problem is only with new tracks/instruments. they all there and working when i open project that had them on already.


is there solution to this or revert time machine?

Based on the limited information above, and not knowing what you did, I for one can’t even guess why your problems are occurring, but obviously what you are reporting is abnormal, and I can’t see why the update would have caused that on its own. Perhaps do use Time Machine to return to 6.0, then before, you try the update again, have a close look at your system and do a bit more troubleshooting of everything before you try updating again. Hope you find the cause as I’m sure it’s upsetting and time consuming trying to find the reason. I can assure you that the update has gone smoothly for many users who have similar Mac systems.