Update for Absolute 2 users

Hi I have recently bought an update from groove agent 4 to groove agent 5, however I am an absolute 2 user and I had no idea that you could not just update GA, you have to update the whole of Absolute which in my opinion is absolutely crazy.

Now it does not tell you on the Steinberg website anywhere that if you have Absolute you can not update just groove agent and if you don’t read the little message in the shopping basket when you go through to pay (cause A you are trying to remember your login details and B you are too excited to get your new software) then you have just purchased an unusable upgrade.

Also when you realise after installing and the license doesn’t work and you try to contact the support through MySteinberg it keeps kicking you out of your account instead of taking you through the raising a ticket steps. I am completely stuck now with an upgrade I can’t use and £85 out of pocket.

Can anyone help at all?


I have received a refund for this. To be honest despite a two week wait for a response, I received a great response. Well done Steinberg for reacting to this feedback. I am Steinberg through and through and this is why. Great products, great software. Cubase all the way!