Update from Absolute VST Instrument to Halion Sonic 2?

I just bought the update to Halion Sonic 2 online.

I have Halion Sonic in my Absolute VST Instrument Collection, and never tought that it should be a problem to update to Halion Sonic 2. It seems to be…

Any advises?

I now see on this forum that the HS2 update license is looking for the HALion Sonic 1 license, which cannot be found since I have the Absolute license in my eLc.

I have now also bought the upgrade to HALion 5 from Absolute which include HALion Sonic 2 and can be started with the HALion 5 license.

I hope Asknet will refund my money for the first update.

Aloha T,
I found them to be pretty kool about situations like yours.

I accidentally bought the A. Morgan Drum package not realizing
that I already owned it with either C6.5 or C7. (I can’t remember which)
and there was no prob getting a refund.

HTH (hope this helps)