Update from Cubase 4 to Cubase 12 - which license info is needed from c4

I bought cubase 4 about 15 years ago. I want to get back into recording and buy the update to Cubase 12 but I am not sure if I have all the required information to update successfully and I have a tough time finding documentation since I have the following challenges:

  • I do not have Cubase 4 installed /have not used it in a long time
  • I still have the dongle and the online info about the license under mySteinberg → my products → software/eLicensers. Under software it says “Cubase 4” which is what I bought but under “USBe-Licenser” it says “Studio J”. Does this refer to the light version of Cubase 4? Or am I save to assume this is still my full Cubase 4 version. I may have had a light-version installed at some point so I am worried that the cubase 4 studio light version is displayed in ‘my products’ and it does not show the full version there. It also shows “registered 2012” which is way after I bought the Cubase 4 version.
    Under “eLicenser” it says again “Cubase 4” under “product”. But the USB-eLicenser states “Studio J” after the license number. Which again I do not now what Studio J refers to.

So essentially I need to know:

  • Can somebody confirm that the license info above is for Cubase 4 - full version ?
  • Is having the eLicenser number on my account on the steinberg website sufficient for the Upgrade to Cubase 4 or is anything else needed? The only other thing I currently can find is the dongle.

I just want to avoid buy the update and find out it is useless since I do not have all data available.

Thanks a lot.

Welcome to the forum.

What matters is what is displayed by the eLicenser Control Center software when you connect your USB-eLicenser dongle to your computer. I would recommend downloading the latest version and clicking the Maintenance button to the top right to make sure that all info is accurate and up-to-date.

If the license says just “Cubase 4”, then you have the full version. If you’re still not sure, feel free to post a screenshot with your eLicenser serial numbers hidden.

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Thanks so much. The dongle clearly says Cubase 4. So good on that end. Do I need the activation code for the old Cubase 4 license when updating to Cubase 12 or is the serial number / dongle info sufficient?

As long as you have all the relevant details in your My Steinberg account it really is pretty simple . Buy the update , receive an email with a code to enter into My Steinberg registration area , then you will be given an activation code ,then you need to enter the activation code into the latest version of the e Elicencer , run maintenance form the E licencer while connected to the internet and your Dongle will be marked with a (non upgradable ) tag . Then it’s just the question of download The activation center (enter your account details) and Cubase .
Once again if you have the dongle and all your account details ,that is all you need to update

Thanks. Exactly: Since it has been so long, making sure I have all required info is crucial. So my question is do I need the activation code for the old Cubase 4 in order to upgrade to Cubase 12? I do not see it anywhere on the dongle or on MySteinberg.

Nope , all your details should be in your My Steinberg because you have used and activated your C4 licence , it’s on the dongle

I think just to make sure wait till tomorrow and wait for Tp to answer but i think Studio 'J’might just be a tag from another software that was selling C4 at the time , It’s like my Spectral Layers i bought from another company and they marked the licence with the id of that company , but please just make sure first

Edit , do you mean Stutio J after the dongle Number of the Licence number ?

No it was Studio J but I think I am good with that - thanks.

@Romantique_Tp : Thanks for your clarification further above. I followed your direction and the dongle says Cubase 4. So good on that end. Do I need the activation code (or anything else) for the old Cubase 4 license when updating to Cubase 12 or is the dongle sufficient to successfully update?

You only need to have the USB-eLicenser dongle connected to your PC, so that the upgrade verification process can go through.

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Thank you !!!