Update From Cubase 5 to 9

Hello everyone,

I bought many years ago Cubase 5 and I had install it through DVD’s etc etc…
The problem is that after so many years I have lost the installation discs (dvd’s)
and I only have my usb key licenser.
Downloading the new version of eLicenser Control Center (eLC) and connect my usb key licenser
seems to recognise that I once “had” the Cubase 5.

And my question is…Can I download and update to Cubase 9 through Steinberg’s site (update from 5 to 9 section for 299 euros) or do I have to buy the whole Cubase 9 for 499 euros?


Hello Hristos,

To clarify, with the USB eLicenser connected are you able to view your Cubase 5 license? If so, yes, you can move forward with the purchase of Cubase Pro 9.

If the key is not recognized but it is registered in your account, you will need to follow the Zero Downtime Process to first replace the Cubase 5 license before you are able to upgrade to Cubase Pro 9:


Thank you.

Hello again and thank you for your quick reply,

It seems that I can,in the left side of the eLicenser Control Center it has the usb thumbnail with a code next to it,for instance (96573-8D…etc) and at the right side it says Cubase 5 Steinberg.

What do you think?

Also,do I have to buy a new usb key for Cubase 9?

Hello Hristos,

From your description, it looks like the license is recognized. Once you purchase the upgrade to Pro 9, you will need to activate the code on this key. Based off of the age of the key it’s not a bad idea to purchase a new one. You can do so here:


You can transfer the license by dragging and dropping it from the old key to the new one in the eLicenser Control Center.

Thank you.

Thank you once again for all the information,
you’ve been very helpful.


Glad to help :smiley: