Update from Cubase 8 to 13 compatibility

I’ve been using Cubase 8 pro for many years. I was considering to upgrade to Cubase 13, but I want to know if I will be able to open all my Cubase 8 projects in Cubase 13.

I just have a couple of 3rd party plugins, which I expect to be able to use as well if I make this upgrade.

I went through a compatibility nightmare when I upgraded from Cubase 4 to Cubase 8 and I wouldn’t like to experience that ever again, even if I’m missing new features from Cubase.

I just want to upgrade in order to use the Frequency2 plugin, which is not available in Cubase 8. Is there a way I could buy that plugin and use it with Cubase 8 instead of upgrading?

Any help will be really appreciated


In any case, you are able to use Cubase 8 even after the update.

Most probably, there will not be an issue, if you are using 64bit version of Cubase 8. I don’t expect you are on Mac with M processor, which might make it a bit challenging.

I would recommend you to download Cubase 13 Trial. You will see, how does it work at your specific system.

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