Update from Cubase LE 5 to Elements 11 - Licensing difficulties

Dear all,

I have purchased an upagrade from LE5 to Elements 11.

Unfortunately, I don’t get it licensed. The eLicenser shows my old LE 5 license, but I can’t select it. I already spent hours with that, de-installing, re-installing, re-installing eLicenser, etc.

Even more unfortuantely, Steinberg’s lousy support does not help me. I have sent several requests during the last 2 weeks, but I don’t get any response.

Can somebody help me in this forum?

I haven’t used LE5 for years, and in the meantime I have a new computer (the old has crashed).


Did you actually activate the upgrade you bought in the elc?

You know you have to have the USB Dongle and can’t use the software licenser, yeah?

@steve: I have re-activated the old LE 5 license, and then installed elements 11, but activation of the new license required to select the old LE 5 license. And this was not possible, the old license was displayed, but it said that I cannot select it for upgrade.

@jgrnfld: no, I didn’t know… I don’t have a USB license dongle. Are you saying I have to create a USB dongle first? How can I do that? Can I use a normal USB stick?

In that case check to see if you bought the wrong product.

The eLicenser shows my old Cubase LE 5 License.

If I press “enter activation code”, I enter the activation code for Elements 11 that I have received. And it displays “Element 11 upgrade from … LE 5 …”.

Then it asks to select a License to upgrade, but then I can’t select anything.

I would recommend the Dongle you can buy from Steinberg. There might be others that work all right but you can count on the Steinberg one. Once you get it you sync it with the licences on your My Steinberg account.

Please stop spewing nonsense. One does not require the use of a USB-eLicenser to use Elements or below Cubase versions.

It seems correct, but something obviously isn’t working. Can you post a screenshot of the actual error message you are receiving?

Are you absolutely sure you have the most recent eLCC installed? Have you performed all maintenance tasks before attempting the upgrade?

You have actually reactivated your LE 5 license on the new computer, then? I’m guessing so if you say the license appears in the eLCC … just trying to figure out the details of your situation.

Edit: Sorry, I just re-read the previous posts and gather that you have successfully reactivated on the new computer.

What is the exact license listed in the eLCC?

What is the exact upgrade you purchased?

I’m going with Steve on this one … you probably purchased the wrong upgrade.

I wasn’t spewing nonsense, I just made a mistake. I didn’t see the version was Elements that’s all.


thanks a lot for your help.

In the meantime, I made some progress.

It seems indeed that the LE5 license was not properly re-activated. Apperently, there is a bug in the eLicenser Control, and Steinberg provides a complicated fix by installing an additional helper software. I thought that this helper software was only needed when I want to install the old LE5 version, but is was also needed to properly re-activate the LE5 license.
So I was able to upgrade the license to a proper Elements 11 license which is also properly activated. This is shown in the eLCC, as well as in the Steinberg portal. So this looks good. (it seems I cannot attach anything to this post).

However, I was not able to install Elements 11 with the original Download Access Code. Apperently, the Installer is still expecting an LE 5 license to be upgraded, whereas I have already activated a full Elements 11 license.

Since I had to get some things done, I have now installed a trial version. I was hoping that I can simply assign my Elements 11 license with the installed trial version and that’s it. But it is not clear how to do that. Can you help me with this final step?

Another small question: with the trial version, I made a mixdown (I tried both mp3 and wav). But I can’t open this with any player. Is this a limitation of the trial version?


Edit: It seems that the expert works find.
But it seems that I cannot play ANY audio file with ANY player, while Cubase is running. Strange. As soon as I close Steinberg, I can play the exported file.

Please accept my humble apology, then.

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@Ingo_Viering, you should be able to download the full Elements 11 installation from the Steinberg Download Assistant.

Seems I have it up and running. I just don’t know whether I am still using the trial version, or whether I am using the purchased one, this is somehow not visible to me… I will know in 30 days.

BTW, now I have learned that Cubase blocks the audio interface for other applications, which is probably a wise feature. So everything is fine now.

There is no difference between trial and full. If you have no trial licence for E11 on your elicencer it is running full, since you dont have a trial licence to run. Also as far as I know it will display trial licence in a pop up during start up if you are running a trial.

I do have a trial license in the eLCC. I have both, that’s why I am not sure whether the full license works. There is no pop-up at the beginning, so maybe this is a good sign :wink: