Update from Cubase Le 7 to Cubase pro 9

Hey all, just wanted to check if an upgrade from Cubase LE7 to Cubase pro 9 would work in its full functionality, I have selected the last option on the checkout page of Steinberg online shop, which said upgrade from Le, AI,
elements but didn mention series like 7,8,9, so left me a bit confused. Just wanted to check if I’m buying the right product
Another question I had, do you think it will be a good idea to upgrade to Os x Sierra from Mountain Lion, as Cubase pro 9 specs suggest Ek captain or Sierra.

Thanks in advance

If you are upgrading from CB LE7 to CB Pro9 then the product you stated in your post is correct. Don’t forget to purchase the required USB eLicenser too.

As far as upgrading your OS… I’m not a MAC user so no experience here but… I would upgrade. :wink:

Regards :sunglasses: