Update from Halion 3

I know - it’s kind of ancient now, but I stopped at version 3, and haven’t been able to use it in ages. Is there any way to update to Halion 6 without having to buy the full version?


There’s an update option…special offer on at the moment too.

Not from Halion 3

You have to contact support to upgrade from Halion 1/2/3 to Halion 6, due to technical reasons. Ask them if the discount can also be applied to upgrades from these.

Yes, as Romantique says you’ll need to contact support (sorry I missed the Halion 3 issue in my first reply).

BUT if you don’t get a reply pretty quickly you might want to consider whether it’s worth waiting as the 50% sale offer is only valid until 19th Feb and after that even if there is an upgrade route it’s likely to be more than the current full price with discount.

(Here in the UK the standard upgrade from Halion 4 is £171 and the current discounted price on a non-upgrade license is £150).

Good luck.