update from sx to 9.5 pro

I am in the process of upgrading to 9.5. When I apply for the 9.5 upgrade from Steinberg, how does this work. Will the upgrade install the full version quietly or ask me for details from my old installation. I bought SL (which I still have, but with only the s/n on the box it came with) then some years later bought a copy of SX off Ebay. Will this hinder my upgrade onto a new desktop PC (as you can imagine my old system is rather old) Hope you can help.

Hi and welcome,

1st of all, the license has nothing to do with the installation. So you don’t have to install your old product, you want to upgrade from.

All you need is to activate the license. So make sure the old license (you are going to upgrade from) is activated. If it’s Soft-eLicense, make sure, the license is transferred to the USB-eLicenser. Once this is done, click to the Enter Activation Code button. Enter your new upgrade Activation Code, and click Continue. eLCC will ask you to point out to the license. Select the license, you want to upgrade from, and click Continue. The new license is downloaded to your USB-eLicnser.

Now you can download and install the latest Cubase version (Cubase 9.5.10, at this time), and start it.

Hi Martin.
Thanks very much for that.

It is indeed all as Martin has said, the only thing I’d add is to check several times that you have the License you want to upgrade showing on your USB eLicenser before you buy the upgrade. Then check that this is the correct upgrade you’re buying. Register the license on your MySteinberg account if you haven’t already done so.

It seems obvious but we’ve seen quite a few people mistakenly buy the wrong upgrade.

Quick question. Will the usb eLicenser still work on my old system after I do what you say. Basically, can I use it between the old and new pc until I get everything sorted.Or will I need a new one. Just been a long time since I’ve had to do this.

It will work on the old PC, but you will have to update the eLC software, so the new license is recognized

Here’s an article to help you determine which eLicenser you have. You may wish to purchase a newer one:


The first USB-eLicenser dongle (that really long blue one) slows down Cubase and other Steinberg products considerably. The current model allows Cubase to run as fast as your computer can handle, on top of being more sturdy.

Maybe as a rule, but if cubase is not slow, as it was here, you (I) won’t notice any difference. Might be dependent on usb chipsets and motherboards too.

Ok. I have upgraded to CUBASE 9.5 on my nice shiny new Desktop. No problem. Activated the product so everything is up and running. The only problem I have now is that when I registered the upgrade the dongle will now only work on Cubase 9.5 and not on my old system (sx3). I thought like an idiot that I could still use the dongle on my old PC running XP. Is there any way to reactivate it as I have some work I’m wanting to finish before I get my head round 9.5 The worse thing was that I found another dongle I could have used for the new install AFTER I’d messed things up. Am I up the creek without a paddle!!

Your old computer has an outdated eLicenser database, so it doesn’t know that you have a Cubase 9.5 license. This is easy to fix.

Download the last eLicenser Control Center compatible with Windows XP, at the bottom of this page:

Run the updated eLicenser Control Center on your old computer and make it run Maintenance Tasks. This will update the eLicenser database.

Or only maintenance and no update this will also update the database

The eLicenser isn’t showing any of the SX3 data. Will I need an activation code again (if such a thing still exists.) Will this affect doing what you mention on the last two posts. Sorry about this!!!

It’s not showing the Cubase SX 3 license because that license has been upgraded and replaced by your Cubase Pro 9.5 license. The license database on your old computer is outdated and can’t see the new Cubase Pro 9.5 license. You have to update the license database by following the steps above to be able to use Cubase SX 3.

A licence for Cubase 9 is also valid for everything from SX1 (and maybe before), it is just that your old PC does not know the C9 licence yet and need a licence database update. Run maintenance in LCC on the old computer.

Hey there. Just a big thanks for helping me with this issue. I’ve sorted it now. Your help has saved me a lot of head scratching.