Update GA 4 se and Halion SE to latest versions Cubase 10

Installed Cubase 10 elements but when I open Groove Agent it opens and old version (SE 4) meaning I can’t use some of the new content, same goes for Halion (which is SE 2). There seems to be no answers to this on the forum and I can’t find a .dll for these anywhere…plug-in manager doesn’t seem to be any help either. Any ideas?

Hi and welcome,

Did you install Cubase 10 from the Full Installer?

I figured it out! Uninstalled the old version of Cubase and found the additional content from folder and installed them from there…took a while but got there.

Hmmm. Pretty Odd that the installer doesn’t install the complete package. I had a previous version installed and didn’t notice it until I did a fresh Windows install, and after installing Cubase 10 Pro, didn’t have the virtual instruments installed… read this post and found the installs in the Additional Content folder.

Pretty Slack job on the installer Steinberg… You could have made a simple tick-box option page instead of letting us work it out for ourselves.