Update Left Visibility Zone to Allow viewing of saved Track?

I know this was asked 7 Months ago by John Shin under the Cubase category, tried to link it here but my effort was disabled so I’ll ask the question here. I’m Bouncing and Rendering tracks, Disabling and Hiding to save CPU, then sometimes after Editing, I need to bring them back and start again! You cant open the column horizontally, I believe.

Maybe I can see it in the Pool?

I’ll Just have to start bringing them back and hope I get the right one then.

Unless somone’s got any ideas please?

thank you

I don’t know what you’re referring to. Can you post a screenshot?

Hi mlindeb,
thanks for the response I think I just got it :bell:, just enable or disable the “TICK” on the far-left side to view the track you Disabled or Hid.

I thought I should see the name before I could choose what I needed to view, but It looks like it’s just the “TICK”. :slight_smile:

Then look under the Track Column, maybe it’s a workaround.

heres the screenshot

Left Visibility Column-02