Update left zone so we can adjust the width :)

One thing that is slightly bugging me is that,

When I am mixing, I tend to ‘tick’ and ‘untick’ frequently and side ‘visibility’ lane seems to be a bit narrow?

So I cannot check the full track name haha…

Um, not a huge minor but hopefully? Steinberg update on this :slight_smile:
Also I would loooove to make it adjustable also for, channel setting lane width! :slight_smile:




You can change (a bit) the width of the Left Zone in the MixConsole. Would you expect more?

Hello Martin! :slight_smile: Oh, no :slight_smile:

I meant, not the console section, but the actual track info section of the other…?
I don’t know what to call it but when you open a project, hide the console,
you see the original window right? There, the left section of ‘track visibility’ width cannot be changed <—

Console left visibility width ‘can’ change I know :slight_smile:

Hey Martin, I think it is on the ‘track inspector’ left side?
Visibility option of ‘that’! sorry for not making it clear!

Yes, on console, it is really handy :slight_smile:


You are right, the Left Zone of the Project window is not resizable.

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Right thanks!

It is indeed insane that you can’t resize the width of this column, as with large orchestral templates, I first need to enable ALL tracks of an instrument before I can see which articulations need to stay enabled. I can only see the first 8 characters of file names of disabled tracks, which isn’t sufficient to select the right track in order to enable it.

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Very similar to Eucon artist mix display limitation :slight_smile:
When Im doing the mixing, it is very stressful to,
code/name within that 8 letter limit,
I prefer to usually, put like:

  • VOX : LV
  • VOX : Dub L etc

But this kind of limitation forces me to ignore all that and put what it is straght from the start…
And sometimes, when my tracks are over 50, yeah yeah… it gets a bit cumbersome!

For sure… other than that, I love Cubase… :slight_smile:

+1. In any reasonably large project, track names will become too long to fit into the inspector column width and get mangled. It’s a productivity issue, and should be easy enough to fix. #feature-request

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