Update on key-commands for Variaudio?

I’m considering about upgrading to 11 from Cubase 10 Pro.

On Cubase 10 Pro, while you can re-enable Variaudio, there isn’t a way to initially enable Variaudio with a key command. I always have to use my mouse to get this done.

I’m wondering if there were any upgrades or added features on 11 to utilize the sliding pitch correction functions with key commands or external plug-and-play knobs.


This part of Cubase has not been touched in Cubase 11. No change here.

I mean, is it too much to ask for a key command that enables Variaudio? I feel like the title “PRO” should have this feature…
I’m just mind-blown that it doesn’t already.


The Key Command is actually available:

  • VariAudio Tool in the Tool folder of the Key Commands.


Editors - open/close editor
Tool - Variaudio tool

Create shortcut


Are you not reading what I’ve written?

You simply CAN NOT INITIALLY ACTIVATE VARIAUDIO with a ‘Variaudio Tool’ key command.



It works for me here:

  • Record or load any Audio signal.
  • Open Sample Editor (for the very first time).
  • Hit Key Command assigned to the VariAudio Tool.
    => The Edit VariAudio tool is activated and the signal has been analysed.

This is what you are asking for, right? Then it works…

No, it does not work.
I’ve tried that.
I’ve opened up a fresh sample and tried hitting the key command for “VariAudio Tool”.
It just simply does not work.
You cannot initially activate the VariAudio with a key command.
I have to MANUALLY click on the “Edit VariAudio” button on the top left corner in the VariAudio panel for it to analyze the audio.
It doesn’t work.

Only after I’ve manually clicked to analyze the audio, and somehow it was deactivated, ONLY THEN I can use the key command to ONLY reactivate.
I cannot initially activate the “Edit VariAudio” button.


What exactly do you mean by this, please? How did you open it, please?

I just noble-click to open the Audio event in the Sample Editor and then I hit the Key Command to select the VariAudio Tool. Done. No VariAudio before.

You can actually do this with keystrokes:
After opening an event in the sample editor, invoke the commands

  1. Sample Editor:Reanalyze Audio, followed by
  2. Tool:Variaudio Tool
  1. I record a vocal.
  2. I double click or hit ‘enter’ to tweak the pitch of said vocal.
  3. I have to manually click the ‘edit variaudio’ button on the variaudio panel.
  4. I can’t use the key command to initially activate the ‘edit variaudio’ button.
  5. I have assigned the ‘variaudio tool’ key command, but it won’t work.
  6. It only works when I’ve already initially activated the button beforehand.

Why in the world is it called ‘reanalyze audio’ when the button is clearly stated as ‘edit variaudio’? And why does it "RE"analyze when there was no analyzing done previously?

Why is it so incredibly unintuitive and complicated to get this done?

I thought I bought a PRO version of this software.

Also, why isn’t there a parameter control for straightening the pitch curve?

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Yes, the name of the command doesn’t match its function in this case.

I mean to give you a workaround, so you can do this from the keyboard, which is what the original question was from you, @croove and @vanpapeer

I do think they should change that command’s name to analyze/reanalyze audio.