Update only expression maps for BBC SO 1.2

I’m using a custom made Playback Template for the BBC SO with VE Pro (BBC SO Template for Vienna Ensemble Pro? - #38 by Gil75) and would like to update to the 1.2 version of BBC SO (Spitfire BBC Symphony Orchestra Templates – Dorico).

2 questions:


I didn’t remember to post on the forum that I’d updated them, sorry.
The changes I made are to add the new mutes to the trumpets, horns and trombones; separate the tuba as it needs is own map now (it doesn’t have mutes); add the cimbasso and fix the error I made in the unpatched percussion dynamics.
In most cases you can just update the expression maps you were using in your template. Load a project with my playback template, take the expression maps you need and apply them to your template.
The new legato eg winds are mapped to the same key switch they were always on, so I don’t think you need to update those.

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before I replace the new Expression Maps with the old: will I need to reset anything in my template?
Or will it simply change my existing maps to the new ones?
(My custom template is made for use with VEPro)

Why not just add the new template under a different name until you are sure everything works out for you?

Yes, good idea.
Now, with regard to the BBC SO Pro update; do I need to first load them through John´s template? Ie, are they modified in any way, or can I simply load up the updated Spitfire plugins inside my VEpro?