Update problem to cubase 11

Good afternoon, I am trying to install the upgrade from Cubase 10.5 to Cubase 11.
When I finish installing it I try to start the program and it gives me the error message that it cannot find VCRUNTIME140_1.DLL and that if I reinstall it it may be solved. I’ve been trying for several days and I’m desperate and the license pencil is starting to give me problems. My computer is new, it has more than enough requirements and it is also updated, I have W10 I7 10th etc.

Hi Tarin!

Download and install Visual C++ 2015/2017/2019/2022 from Microsoft link below.

To be safe i usually install both the X64 and X86 versions even tho im on a x64bit system Windows 11.


Make sure, you install Cubase (and also eLCC) as administrator, please. The redistributable is part of the installation.