[Update] Public beta for Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver for macOS

Hello everyone,

UPDATE - June 1, 2023
V4.0.1b to 4.0.2b
Now supports Steinberg UR242/UR44/UR28M/UR824/UR-RT2/UR-RT4

Since Apple has already declared that the Kernel Extension will be discontinued in future macOS, we decided to release a public beta of the Yamaha Steinberg USB driver.

The Version V4.0.2b will be available only on the Steinberg forum exclusively.
This new driver uses the Driver Extension (System Extension) and not the older Kernel Extension solution anymore. It will prevent that the “Legacy System Extension” warning message appears.

Supported OS: macOS 13
Supported Platform: Apple silicon (no Intel CPU support)
Supported Models:

It is no longer necessary to change security settings from recovery mode when installing drivers on a Mac with Apple silicon but allowing the driver in “Security & Privacy” is still required.

Please find here the link to the driver, the installation guide and the release notes.


Installation Guide

Release Notes

Please be aware that installing this driver is for technical evaluation only and the installation is the responsibility of the customer.

For some time now I’ve been getting a message in my Mac Studio about the steinberg driver being obsolete, I just installed the beta, so far so good! At some point the official version will be released?

We have just released a new beta driver which now supports all UR/URC/AXR4U devices. Based on the feedback, we will release an official driver later (no exact date is available yet, sorry).

@Ed_Doll this version right?

Yes, V4.0.2b is the current one.

I have 13.5.2 on my new Mini M2 Pro and the tools can’t find the hardware, though it’s showing up in Settings-Sound. I am not using the Beta - will it fix this? How about an actual tested and blessed (non-Beta) release at this point?