[Update]-Report on 10/05 Steinberg at Digital Village

Report on the event: added lower down the thread.


It starts at 6pm

From 5pm onward, demonstrators will please be ready with their placards: “Bring back old lane behaviour!” and “Free Upgrades for Life!”
Car-burning and looting of neigbouring shops will be scheduled for about 8:30, and theatrical God-Kings on ricketty wheeled platforms had better look out.
The evening will be rounded off with the traditional terrorizing of local residents between 11pm and 2.30am.

I live a short train ride away, so If I have the health and strength, intend to enter shop around 5:45, attend the evening in an adult and civilized fashion, and come back here with that glowing “I Was There” feeling. If I go, I suppose I’ll do some kind of report in this thread too.

All the best

Wish I could say “See you there” Glyn! Looking forward to your review. :slight_smile:

Had a feeling it wasn’t -your- neighborhood, ya rabble rouser, ya! :laughing:

Ground Zero. Analogue Conurbation.

Rumour has it there may be a special guest appearance of “Thuddy” Thud McThud and the Thudding Thumpers . :neutral_face:

I’ll be there too, with a friend.


Robin … I’ll do my best. I’m glad Grooving DJ is going too … that’ll give perspective.

Eh … Grooving DJ … If I’m well enough to get there, I’ll have pony tail, wire rim glasses, jeans, grubby green/purple nylon zip-jacket and grey/black rucksack.

Lenny … Hi. No indeed … I never incite on my own doorstep!

Paul … let’s hope they won’t be talking out of their Feedback Passage.

Dave … AH Thuddy’s going to be there! YaaaY … he’ll get to meet Bigfoot of Bigfoot and the Buttkickers!

I wonder if they will do a 50% discount on the Cubase 6 upgrade box, or free Steinberg Thongs?

Now that thought has me wishing the new forum does NOT allow the IMG tag for embedding graphics! :astonished: :open_mouth:


You look like Kevin Spacey to me…


Only when I’m healthy, scrubbed up, and have got the lights right.
I’m not infectons, but Cold and Flu have taken a huge toll.
Tomorrow, the only difference between me and a wreck will be minimal. And the wreck will be looking slightly healthier.


By now the mob is fully charged! And wearing Steinberg thongs… what an image! :laughing:

No thongs, but we got some T shirts!

Oh YOU got a T-shirt?

I couldn’t wait to get home to try on what they’d given me!


… er … ahem

Glyn’s Report of the Event

So …

6:05 I arrived, and Andrew Schravemade, the presenter, had started on time. There were about 5 or 6 staff, and about 20 to 25 of us who’d come to take part. Average age was from between 40-45 to about 60-65. Everyone was male. Seating was supplied for almost everyone - each got an office chair, a collapsible chair or a drumstool.

Beer and Crisps were supplied.

The presentation was a tour of new features of Cubase 6. The theme was very much ‘buy this, or upgrade to it, for it is good.’ The main areas of concentration were Group edit, The Guitar VSTi, Halion, Updated Fixed Lane Behaviour [grrr], The new time stretch algorhythm, Enhanced beat detection and time mapping from non click-tracked sources, Media bay, Presets which lurk under the bonnet, and Loopmash, and a tiny look at the new automation tools.

He did not really encourage questions, but when they did get asked, he managed to integrate them so they not only fitted but enhanced the flow of his content-delivery. He did actually say ‘any questions’ after each section, but the gap between the question and “No? Good. Let’s move on” would have made a good benchmark for latency in high end sound-cards.

He made a very interesting comment about ‘how Steinberg usually develop their new ideas in a dungeon,’ but that they made an exception with VST3 and the new Halion behaviours, by going to get feedback from many studios as to what they’d want and need. It was a strange revelation, but an interesting one, in the light of some feature modifications which have been made, to the great surprise of people who actually need elements of the features as they were before modification. Lane behaviour is one of them. I won’t go into it, as there are threads already dealing with it. Neither I did not bring up such ‘issues’ at the workshop, except after the presentation, and even then, my references were little more than mumbles - he wasn’t there to take inventory of user-concerns, and I wasn’t there to whinge. I was there to learn, have a good time, and to have that untakeawayable experience - that “YES I WAS THERE” experience. An evening in the presence of an Arm of Steinberg.

GroovinDJ said hello to me after it finished, and he, his friend and I had a great time clustering round the presenter as he packed up. We were excited to ask questions, and he was excited to answer them. The other guests had cleared out pretty dang quickly - maybe I’m just a sociable animal, but I’d expected everyone to hang around.

There WERE a few t-shirts, and those were given to us and the remainder to the staff. I have a feeling that we were the ‘lucky ones’, and that they had not been generally handed round at the beginning. I WILL be clear that no thongs were given. In the previous post - I was just having a joke. The thongs had actually been given out before Christmas to the first 20 people to log on to this new forum. I don’t know why the others haven’t mentioned them.

It was great to meet GroovinDJ and his friend … we all went to Acton Town Underground Station. My train was already arrived when we got down the stair, so my bye byes were sadly very hurried. A meal and a drink would have made more sense :slight_smile: Well - another time. OK, I’ve tried to be thorough … GroovinDJ … If you’ve got time, please check and add to/adjust the above.

All the best

Cheers for the writeup :slight_smile:

Thanks Glyn - nice to meet you…

My thoughts on the event?

Well there were supposed to be (according to the pre event blurb) “drums, guitars and electric fiddle” being used during the session - none of which were present, so that was rather disappointing.

I’d mentioned it to my friend specifically because of the latter instrument, at which he’s highly proficient.

Because of the above quote, I was expecting the presentation to involve a bit more playing of music, but as it was, there was very little. It was mostly done with existing recordings.

Free beer went some way towards making up for it though!

To sum up, I’d say that it was worth attending. After all it was/is free…

Next one’s at 1pm on Saturday March 26th at Digital Village in Romford.

I’m going to have to mention this to our Club Cubase bunch over here in the Greater Toronto Area, no free beer for us, WTF!!! :astonished: :angry: :imp:

Thanks for the write up, similar sort of agenda and presentation over here, its some percent instructional, and some percentage marketing.

Not that I swing that way, but one could say you wear the thong well Glyn!!! :laughing: You’ve got thong and dance in your past no? :unamused:

I think I was the 21st to register on the new forum, so sadly I did not receive my thong. :cry: :wink:

It looked to me as if this (beer + crisps) was down to the Digital Village staff, rather than anything to do with Steinberg.

Now THAT’s great customer service!