Update schedule, good or bad?

Who is happy knowing the approximate date of the update schedule?

  • I like knowing in advance when an update will be made available.
  • I’d rather wait longer for updates and not have access to pre-release software.

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Coming from the bad old days of SX3 I find that knowing when an update will arrive to be quite refreshing for a software company I hold in high esteem and I don’t figure there are (m)any others who would care to do this in the DAW software world.

Care to comment?

PS. Votes can be changed in this poll, but please answer honestly.

Who would not want to know?..Oh yea Logic users :laughing:

Steinberg has been handling themselves far better in recent times!! I remember the bitter frustration of ages past.

I definitely appreciate the increased communication, and letting us know a release date is great… also posting stop-gap unsupported releases to patch urgent issues is great too. The more the communication the better. While C7.0.0 was perhaps a tiny bit premature – a little rough of a release out of the gate, I cannot fault how they have handled themselves in the forum. A breath of fresh air compared to the old days. Carry on Steinberg!

And as far as C7 goes, today (the release of 7.0.2), is the day I look at as the actual, real release date of C7. :slight_smile:

Part of the reason I bought C7 was because of the change in how software is delivered.

I believe this process started with C5 but as I say I had a stable, working and operational SX3 that I did not want to part with.

Of course with a new computer often comes a new OS, particularly with a laptop and rather than revert to an earlier version you might be tempted to give it a go.

I did and am very happy, kind of wondering now about C6. Then again my shiny new license and dongle has that all under control.