Update suggestions

Keep this post up, if you too want these few updates to Cubase 6.

  • Freeze multiple channels simultaneously.
  • Change the order of currently loaded instrument in VST Instruments rack. Without removing the currently loaded instrument and also when the instrument is frozen.
  • Display something more informative than just “Kontakt 4” in VST Instrument rack. For example the instrument that MIDI channel 1 leads.

Great idea - I hadn’t thought of that yet. I can see where it could be very useful. The question is more, how would it be implemented in the UI? Makes you wonder if Cubase should have a non-modal “background processing” queue window, such like Pro Tools has. Could still be multi-threaded perhaps.

A thousand times yes. I’ve wished for more flexibility in the VST Instruments rack ever since Cubase’s inception. I’d love for the ability to re-order and rename loaded VSTi. The rack is very rigid and confining - even unnecessarily so.

Case in point - if you have dozens of the same plugin loaded (Kontakt, or Vienna Ensemble Pro), the only identifier you have to trace tracks and connections in your session is the rack slot #. I don’t want to see “17 - Vienna Ensemble Pro”, I want to see “VE Pro: Woodwinds” etc.

The closest thing that I can get to a workaround, is saving all my loaded VSTi as VST Presets - then at least you can see a descriptive name in the VST Instrument Rack under each plugin name. But still does little to help with dealing with all of Cubase’s routing lists in tracing and setting ports, etc.

+1 Yes, I’d definitely like to rename the instruments because quite often I’m using multiple versions of the same VSTi, and practically the only way of telling them apart is to solo them and see which one plays. Well, actually, some naming can be achieved by naming the preset to be something useful, and also then naming the output channels in the mixer. But I think there’s still the confusing problem of seeing the same name more than once when assigning a midi channel to a VSTi.

Drag/drop VSTi positioning would be great too.


You could have one button (as it is now) for each channel to arm freeze and a separate button to activate it on armed channels. Those arming buttons could also work as individual unfreeze buttons for each channel. And the separate button as “unfreeze all”.

If you use a preset via a plugin on the rack, it will be displayed underneath the name of the plugin, as well as in the inspector of any midi channel that connects to it.

Start record/playback on MIDI event.
(been saying this for three years now!) :laughing:

Could you be more specific?

Maybe I don’t understand what you are saying, but I use the Generic Remote to do that. i.e. hit a footswitch and playback starts. Hit C7 set record mode etc…

Well, if you’ve ever seen MOTU Digital Performer, they have a function which allows you to “arm” the transport, so the instant any midi event is received, transport starts, can be for record or playback. Its is simply and on/off button on their transport control strip. I used that system years ago for midi composition (before it was Digital Performer, just “Performer”) and became fond of that functionality, preferring it to a count in sometimes. A drummer I worked with also preferred to start his tracks that way… he could arm the transport, then walk over to his midi kit and dive in when ready. No generic remote required. Just your axe! :sunglasses: