Update to 10.0.20

Updated to new version from 9.5.
No Cubase 10 icon on the desktop, can even find the folder with new Cubase.
What is the reason? :astonished:

Reason is: You did something wrong… Probably downloaded the update file, instead of the full version?
Useful info as soon, as you can provide some useful info :unamused:

Yes, because I already have 9.5 installed on my comp. What is the purpose of installing the program from the scratch?
What is the purpose of having update file?

There is no direct update from 9.5 to 10.
You first have to install Cubase 10 Full and then the update or better direct install Cubase10.0.20 Full (21.13 GB) by using the Steinberg Download Assistant.
Hope that helps.

ok, thank you.

You´re installing a new version.

It´s for those who have Cubase Pro 10 installed already.

I think a little terminology clarification might help:

Cubase 9.5 to Cubase 10 - Upgrade

10.0.15 to 10.0.20 - Update

You have to install a full version for an upgrade which is what you have done. Just download the latest full version from the download assistant and you should be good.

Not quite.
Going from a “smaller Version” to a “bigger” Version (even if same version number) - Upgrade (for example from Elements 10 to Artist 10)
Staying in the “version range”, but going to a newer Version (for example Elements 9 to Elements 10) - Update