UPDATE TO 11 FROM 10.5 - files and vst don't show on cubase

hi everyone,
After I updated my Cubase from 10.5 to 11 I cant find the new Vst’s like the Spectral Layers and expansions of libraries in the Cubase 11 like the Lo-fi Dreams and more .

I’ve done multiple reinstalls, tried to move to the right location, also expend plugin search through the plugin manager, nothing seems to work .

What do I need to do ?


Cubase 11 doesn’t come as a complete package now. You can get the other parts individually. You need to have download manager open and then click on your products. It will give you a list of all the instruments and the content (again content is separate ) I just downloaded the lot and installed but the choice is now yours so your not forced to have it all if you don’t want to. You can also get it all by going to steinberg downloads and choosing your version of Cubase. It will then show all you can download.

first, thank you for the help,
but, I downloaded everything . I can see the files and where they places at.
The problem is that Cubase 11 can’t find them.

Have you installed them or just downloaded? Do you have content manager loaded? If you double click on content it will then find it. I think there are instructions somewhere but as I’m not on my computer at the moment.


SpectraLayers is not common VST, it’s ARA plug-in. Can you see it in the System components in Cubase?

Can you open Steinberg Library Manager and double-check the libraries?

I think I installed all that’s why I don’t understand .

now the plugin manager seems to see SpectraLayers but it says that it not valid, all of its files and now also a few components of 10.5 . In the Steinberg Library Manager it doesn’t appear at all .

Also In the Steinberg Library Manager I can see the extensions such as Lofi Dreams - but in Cubase not.

plugin manager and on the right you can see that I’m missing packs