Update to 5

I look around and couldn’t find update from Cubase 4 to 5 english version. Any help would be great!

Not sure about an upgrade version of C5 but…
You can upgrade from C4 to C6 for $150 :stuck_out_tongue: here…

Thats because it’s now C6

Thanx a lot…but i don’t need Cubase 6, coz it’s not supporting Win XP :unamused:

You can still get Cubase 5 but I don’t think there is an upgrade version. At least not that I have seen. The cheapest version (Essential) is about $150. Check:
There is a lot of talk on the forum about people using C6 on Win XP with no problem.

Very sad that there is no upgrade to version 5 :cry: …it must be somehow possible to get it, damn!

Well, likewise. I never got around to upgrading to 5, and now I see that 6 won’t run on my studio’s PPC. My DAW is not likely to leave the PPC platform any time soon.

If I got the upgrade to 6, would I be able to get 5 along with it somehow?

anyone know what would be the appropriate way to ask Steinberg this question?

If you do know someone who can provide you with a C5 install disc.

Well, just for fun I installed C6 on a PIV 3GHz, 1 gig of ram, XP O/S. Had to update the .Net stuff but surprisingly it works quite well. Drags it’s feet a bit with heavy Vsti stuff but otherwise quite usable.

I see…so if i have upgrade to Cubase 6, then i would have lisence for SX3, C4, C5 and C6?


Nice! Now i need to find where i can download C5 install CD :unamused:

Well, I can’t think of anyone I would know with a C5 install disk off-hand. It would be nice to find a somewhat more official solution.

I believe C6 will run on XP and Vista as well as W7. SB just won’t support it. There are plenty of users in this forum that would be able to answer just about any question you may have for support. If by chance you have an unresolvable problem and you are so inclined, I have an extra C5 install disc.

The somewhat official solution is to spend money and buy it while it is officially available for sale (which has been the case for roughly 2 years btw.), like probably most of those that have an install disc did…
You may do a search, if the C5 demo is still available and if it does what you want. Or maybe your local distributor can provide you with a disc. (Or even a disc image will do.)

Thanx a lot Suprawill1! I’d love to have this disc if possible please :stuck_out_tongue:

No idea where to send it. You know what to do next. :slight_smile:

Done :wink:

Are the demo versions capable of being registered?

by which I mean, if I have a copy of the C5 demo installer, and buy the upgrade to 6, will that turn remove the time limit on the C5 demo? or is that installer intrinsically different?